Our Mission and Vision



  1. That to ensure all Students who successfully completed the attendance of review class or Training is Competent in reality and not just in their certificates.
  2. That to ensure all our products will serve genuine service when they gets onboard vessel, to protect the crew and other persons onboard, to protect the property and other properties from damage, to protect our environment, and to prevent any marine pollution, and to make sure all persons onboard are safe from any ship security issues
  3. That to ensure our quality of teaching and training methods are above the high standards, and no one is exempted to attend the review and training regardless of ranks and years of sea experience. New and inexperience seafarers needs to attend full course, and very experience seafarers needs to attend refresher.
  4. That to ensure no one will tolerate bribery and all should pay the cost of review and training fee only, and nothing else. BMRC discourage corruption.
  5. That to ensure all reviewee and trainee must have perfect attendance from the class and no proxy will be admitted. Any absent needs to make up the class.
  6. That to ensure all review notes and training materials should be updated to the latest which is similar of the current technology used onboard vessels.
  7. That to ensure all Review directors, Review consultants/Tutor, Training director, Training instructor, and all staff of BMRC is sincere and resourceful with dedication to share all their knowledge both in theoretical and practical knowledge, so that our products should be fully conversant of their review class, and all students have assurance to be successful examinee on their respective board exam, and also to be well trained of all training courses that we offered.
  8. That to ensure every Friday and Sunday is our God’s day, and this is our special day where we offered ourselves to pray to our almighty god to forgive us from our sins that we committed and to forgive others who committed sins against us, and hoping that our almighty God will always guide us towards TRUE DIRECTION for our brightest future.